D2L Master Courses

A D2L Master Course is a blank course shell used by individual instructors to develop new courses or update existing courses, and by departments to develop courses used for multiple sections. Master Courses should be regularly reviewed and revised to ensure relevancy, accuracy and usability.

Example of master courses for an HIST211 Online, PFHW163 Summer Online, and CITP290 Face-to-Face Master Courses.
    D2L Master Course Key Points
  • Use Master Courses as true Masters, or the original source of course content.
  • Master Courses should include all required course content.
  • Master Courses should not be used or accessed by students.
  • Master Courses cannot exceed 500 MB.
  • Review and revise Master Courses regularly.
  • Instructors can have one Master Course per delivery method (e.g. online, face-to-face, hybrid, 8 week, 12 week, and 16 week.)

Updates and/or changes should be made in a master course, not in the semester course. This is important for potential matters that might arise, including grade appeals, and incomplete requests. The eLearning Instructional Designers can assist with the development of new master courses or revising existing master courses. In addition, eLearning can assist with the revision process by removing older content, upon request.

Please submit requests for Master Course Development or Revisions through the Help Desk by phone at (517) 483- 5221 or by email at lcc1@star.lcc.edu. In your request, state the exact name of the Master Course to be developed or cleared out.

For assistance with the D2L Master Courses, please contact the eLearning Department:

Email: lcc_elearning@lcc.edu
Phone: (517) 483-1839
In-Person: TLC427