Kaltura Updates for Fall 2018

Kaltura is LCC’s video platform that allows Instructors to create, store, and stream multimedia including video, audio, and screen capture. Kaltura has been updated with new features including:

New to Kaltura? To learn about Kaltura and all of its capabilities, visit the Kaltura Section on the eLearning Instructor Resource Site.


Insert Kaltura

There are now two methods for embedding video and video quizzes into D2L courses.

Method 1: Embedding Kaltura Videos through the HTML Editor

This method uses Insert Stuff to embed Kaltura Videos in D2L Announcements, Discussions, and additional places where the HTML Editor is available. For complete instructions, visit Embedding Kaltura Videos through the HTML Editor.

Embed Kaltura Videos through the HTML Editor via Insert Stuff using the Insert Kaltura option.

Method 2: Adding a Kaltura Video Quiz to a Content Module

This method uses Add Existing Activities in Content to embed Kaltura Videos and Kaltura Video Quizzes in Content Modules. Please note, this is the required method for connecting Kaltura Video Quizzes to the D2L Gradebook. For complete instructions, visit Adding a Kaltura Video Quiz to a Content Module.

Add a Kaltura Video Quiz to a Content Module through Add Existing Activities, then select Insert Kaltura.


Kaltura In-Video Quizzing

Two updates have been made to Kaltura In-Video Quizzing:

Update 1: Kaltura In-Video Quizzing & D2L Gradebook Connection

Kaltura Video Quizzes can now be connected with the D2L Gradebook! To connect a Kaltura Video Quiz with the D2L Gradebook, it must be first be added to a D2L Content module.

Please note the following:

  • Kaltura Video Quizzes have limited functionality and do not have the same feature and options as a D2L Quiz.
  • Gradebook connections must be made PRIOR to students completing the video quiz. Otherwise instructors will have to manually transfer prior grades from Kaltura Analytics.
    Connect a Video Quiz to the D2L Gradebook by selecting Add a grade item within the Assessment area of a Content page in D2L.

Update 2: New Kaltura In-Video Quizzing Question Types

    There are now three question types to select from when building a Kaltura In-Video Quiz:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Reflection Point
    Please Note: Reflection Point is a no response question type, it is intended to provide a pause for reflection.

For more information on Kaltura Video Quizzes and question types, visit Kaltura In-Video Quizzing Overview.

Choose your question type.


Redesigned Kaltura Editor in My Media

The Video Editor in My Media has been updated to provide additional editing capabilities.

Video Editor Update

The redesigned editor now offers editing features within My Media. With the new editing features, you’ll be able to edit after videos have been uploaded to My Media. New editing features include, Trim and Chop, and Fade In/Fade Out. For additional information, visit Editing Video in Kaltura: Trim and Chop.

Kaltura Video Editor