Embed a Video Quiz

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Note: In order for the video quiz to work properly, it must be added to D2L using the embed code.

    1. Log into D2L and select My Media from the D2L Home Page.

    2. From the My Media gallery, locate the appropriate video.

      NOTE: Pay special attention to the video titles, especially if the quiz and non-​quiz videos share the same title.

    3. Select on the video thumbnail to open the video.
    4. Select Share, located below the video.
    5. Use the keyboard command CTRL- C to copy the embed code.

    6. Return to the D2L course and navigate to the area of the course where the video quiz will be inserted.
    7. Select the desired Content type (Create a file, discussion, dropbox, etc.).
    8. Select the Insert Stuff button from the HTML editor tool bar.

    9. Select Enter Embed Code from the menu on the left-​hand side of the screen. Then, use the keyboard command CTRL- V to paste the embed code in the textbox.

    10. Select Next, located at the bottom of the window.

    11. If you receive a We blocked this for you” message, Select Allow to verify the content is from a trusted source. Then, Select Insert.

    12. If you do not receive the We blocked this for you” message, a video preview will appear. Select Insert to continue with the embed process.

    13. Select Publish to finish embedding the video quiz.
    14. Verify that the video quiz was successfully embedded by playing the video and waiting for the quiz welcome screen to appear:

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