Kaltura Video Editing Tools Overview

Screenshot of the Kaltura Video Tools

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Screenshot of the Kaltura Video Tools

  1. Quiz Creator/​Editor- Select to embed multiple choice or true/​false questions in a video.
  2. Video Editor- Select to edit media by setting different start and end times for a video. Users can edit the original video or create a copy of the new video.
  3. Media Details Toggle- Select to toggle the Media Details screen.
  4. Save- Select to save all changes made to the media file. Note: Selecting Save will overwrite the original media file.
  5. Save a Copy- Select to create a copy of the media file. Note: Selecting Save a Copy will create a new entry without affecting the original media file.
  6. Media Player- Select to view the current media video.
  7. Real Time Indicator- Select to manually enter a time to jump to in the playing media.
  8. Media Player Controls- Select to go to the beginning, end or to play the media.
  9. Preview- Select to preview changes.
  10. Help- Select to view the User Manual, as well as Accessibility shortcuts.
  11. Media Timeline- Select the sliders to mark the desired start and end times.
  12. Audio Layer- Select to show/​hide the audio layer on the Media Timeline.
  13. Reset- Select to reset the media to the last saved version.
  14. Zoom In/​Out Slider- Select to zoom in or zoom out.

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