Using Video in PowerPoint Lectures

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Videos included in PowerPoint Lectures should directly relate to the lecture topic(s). Videos included with lecture presentations should aim to deepen a student’s understanding of the lecture topics.

Why add videos to PowerPoint Lectures?

  • Increase student motivation and engagement with lecture content
  • Develop potential for deeper learning of the subject
  • Reach students with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners
  • Reinforce lecture concepts
  • Provide a common experience for students to discuss
  • Grab students attention and spark curiosity
  • Allows students the ability to review content multiple times
  • Increase instructor presence

Types of Videos to Add to PowerPoint Lectures:

  • Simulations/​demonstrations/​real life examples/​case studies that further reinforce lecture concepts
  • Conclusion of lecture concepts
  • Deep dive into lecture concepts
  • Demonstration of lecture concepts
  • Demonstration of in-​class activities, labs, experiments that coincide with lecture concepts
  • Explanation/​demonstration of FAQs or issues
  • Launching point for in-​class group discussion
  • How-​to” videos (if applicable to the lecture topics)
  • Virtual field trips (if applicable to the lecture topics)
  • Show experiments that can’t be done in class


Adding Kaltura videos to a PowerPoint Lectures
Time: 1:20

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