Re-​Associate a Captions File to a Video

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Note: A captions file must have previously existed in order to re-​associate it with a video.

  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Select My Media from the D2L Home Page, located in the upper-​right corner.
  3. Locate the video for which you wish to re-​associate the captions file.
  4. Select the video thumbnail and/​or video title to open the video.
  5. Select the Actions drop-​down menu, and select Edit Captions.
    Note: This will launch the Customer Edit tool. If the Custom Edit tool does not automatically open in a new window, Select the COMPLETE link to launch the editor.

  6. Make any necessary edits. Select Save to save all edits, then Select Approve to publish the captions file.
  7. This will open a pop-​up window. Select Approve again.
  8. A Job Approved” dialog will appear to confirm that your updates have been saved. The captions file will now be published.

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