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Quizzes – Removal of image and text information items

D2L has removed Image Information (IMG) and Text Information (TXT) items from Quizzes, images and text can be included in any type of question using the features of the HTML editor.

Note: This functionality is available with the Section quiz item. Click here for more on Section quiz items.

Image Information (IMG) and Text Information (TXT) items in existing quizzes or question libraries automatically converted into Section items, and will still be displayed to students attempting the quiz. One Section item was created for each existing Image Information (IMG) and Text Information (TXT) item.

  • Each image and text information item is converted to an individual section
  • If the information item included a title, that is used for the section title
  • If the information item did not include a title, one is automatically generated using the format: Untitled [converted from a Text Information Item], or Untitled [converted from an Image Information Item]

List of Quiz items, showing that Text and Image information items that are being removed.