Creating Quizzes


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To learn more about Creating Quizzes in D2L, view the following instructional video: Creating Quizzes Instructional Video

BEST PRACTICE: Instructors should review their quizzes each semester to ensure that the quizzes are aligned with the learning objectives and content covered during the semester.

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes.
    Screenshot of the Assessments dropdown menu, indicating Quizzes item selected
  2. Select New Quiz.
    Screenshot of Quizzes menu, indicating New Quiz item selected
  3. Enter the Name of the quiz.
  4. Under the Quiz Questions section, select Add/​Edit Questions.

    For complete instructions on creating questions, view Creating Quiz Questions.

    Screenshot of Quiz Questions section, indicating Add/Edit Questions button
  5. Select the Restrictions tab.
    Screenshot of the Questions options, indicating Restrictions tab
  6. From the Status menu, select Active.

    NOTE: In order for students to be able to access the quiz, the status must be set to Active.

    Screenshot of the Status menu, indicating the dropdown menu with Active selected
  7. Select the Assessment tab.
  8. To release the score to students immediately upon completion, select the Checkbox to Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion.

    NOTE: Some quiz question types, such as Written Response, will still need to be scored manually.

  9. From the Grade Item menu, select the Grade Item the quiz should be associated with.
  10. Select add grade item to create a grade item if one doesn’t already exist.

    BEST PRACTICE: The Quiz title and Grade Item title should match.

  11. To have quiz scores automatically exported to the grade book, select the Checkbox to Allow automatic export to grades.Screenshot of the Assessment section and available options
  12. Select Save and Close.

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