Accessing Quiz Question Options with the New Question Creation Experience

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NOTE: The new Question Creation Experience must be turned on in order to access these options in this manner.

For instructions to turn on the new Question Creation Experience, click here: Turning On the New Question Creation Experience

  1. From within a Quiz, Self-Assessment or Survey select Add/Edit Questions.
    Add/Edit Questions
  2. Select New, then select one of the four question types.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You must select one of these four question types in order to turn on/off the new Question Creation Experience:

    • True or False
    • Multiple Choice
    • Written Response (formerly Long Answer)
    • Short Answer
  3. Select the Options menu.
    Select Options
  4. Select/Unselect the Options from the list.

    NOTE: Options will be added/removed as they are selected/unselected.