Randomizing Quiz Questions


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IMPORTANT NOTE: To randomize quiz questions, you must first create a random section(s). Questions are then added to the random section(s) to create question pools.

Creating a Random Section

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes.
    Screenshot of Assessments dropdown menu, indicating Quizzes selected
  2. Select the Title of the quiz.
  3. Select Add/​Edit Questions.
    Screenshot of Quiz Questions pane, indicating Add/Edit Questions button
  4. From the New menu, select Random Section.
    Screenshot with Random Section item highlighted
  5. Enter the Section Name.
  6. Select Save.
    NOTE: This will return you to the Add/​Edit Questions screen.

Adding Questions To Random Sections to Create Question Pools

  1. Select the Random Section Folder.
    Screenshot of Quiz, indicating Random Section Folder selected
  2. Select Import.
    Screenshot with Import button highlighted
  3. From the Source Section menu, select the Source in which to pull the questions from.
    NOTE: The collection root can be selected.

  4. Select the Checkbox(es) for the questions to be imported into the random section.
    Screenshot of Import section, showing available options
  5. Select Save.
  6. Enter the Questions Per Attempt.
  7. Enter the Point Value for each question.

    NOTE: All questions in a random section will be assigned the same point value.
  8. Select Save. Screenshot indicating Save button
  9. Select Done Editing Questions.

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