Setting Collaboration Options for a Kaltura Video

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  1. From the D2L My Home page, select My Media.
    Select My Media from the D2L My Home page
  2. Locate the video you wish to set collaboration options for.
  3. Select Edit.
    Select Edit.
  4. Select the Collaboration Tab.
    Select the Collaboration option.
  5. Select Add Collaborator.
    Select Add Collaborators
  6. Enter the LCC User ID for the person you wish to add as a collaborator.
  7. Select the Permissions checkbox(es) for each user.
    • Co-Editor: Allows the selected user to edit the entry’s details and metadata, trim media, replace media, edit captions, and edit chapters and slides. Editors cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers.
    • Co-Publisher: Allows the selected user to publish the video.
      Search for a LCC usersname and select Co-Editor or Co-Publisher
  8. Select Add.