Google Apps Widget

The Google Apps Widget provides access to your LCC Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. The widget displays unread messages, upcoming Calendar events, and Google Drive files. Gmail Icon: Selecting the Gmail icon launches Gmail in a new browser tab. Google Calendar Icon: Selecting the Google Calendar icon launches Google Calendar in a new browser […]

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Linking Google Apps and D2L

Complete the following steps to link your LCC Google Apps account with your D2L account. Select Link to your Google Apps account in the Google Apps widget from the My Home page. Select Create Link to pair your D2L and LCC Google Apps accounts. Your username will already be in the username field and you […]

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Google Apps

The Google Apps integration for D2L allows users to connect their LCC Google Apps account to D2L. The Google Apps widget in D2L allows for quick access to LCC Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. With a Google Apps integration, students can submit a file directly from Google Drive to an Assignment Folder in D2L. […]

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