Content Viewer

From within a D2L Course, when a topic is selected in Content it will open in the Content Viewer. File types including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint will be displayed in the Content Viewer, other file types will provide a link to download the file. The Content Viewer contains the following tools: Side Panel: A slide-out […]

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Course Home Page

The Course Home page is the first page when entering a course and consists of a navigation bar that provides access to course information and resources through links, menus, and widgets. NOTE: The following Course Home page represents the default system Course Home page. Your Course Home page may look different as Instructors have the […]

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My Home Page

The My Home page provides access to menu items and widgets: Concourse Syllabus System: Provides users access to course syllabi for which they are enrolled. Users can view and print the syllabus for each course. Course Evaluations: Provides a link to the course evaluation system. Users can log in and complete a course evaluation at […]

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Mini Bar

The Mini Bar provides access to courses, email, notifications, and preferences throughout the system, including: My Home: Allows users to return to the My Home page from anywhere within the system. Course Title Link: Allows users to return to the Course Home page from anywhere within the course. Course Selector: Displays the last ten courses […]

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Navigation in D2L consists of system level and course level navigation. System level includes the My Home Page, while the course level includes the Mini bar, the Content Viewer, and the Course Home Page.

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