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ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech and document viewing service integrated into D2L. Users can listen to content within HTML pages using the ReadSpeaker Listen option, while documents uploaded to D2L can be listened to using the Open with docReader option.

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Setting Text Notifications


NOTE: Setting up text notifications with your mobile number is optional. Standard text message rates will apply. Select the Personal Menu. Select Notifications. Under Contact Methods, select Register your mobile. Select the Country your number is from.NOTE: Only numbers from the United States or Canada are eligible. Select your Mobile Carrier. Enter your Mobile Number. […]

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Setting Notification Options


Select the Personal Menu. Select Notifications. Review Contact Methods and make any desired changes. NOTE: For instructions to set up text notifications, please visit: Setting Text Notifications Review the Summary of Activity options from the drop-down menu. Review Instant Notifications and select the Checkbox next to each type notification you wish to receive.NOTE: You must […]

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