Student-​Created Videos for D2L Course Assignments

Students can create videos using Kaltura and post them in their D2L courses in the same manner as instructors by following these step-​​by-​​step directions: Kaltura Overview for Students. When adding video (required or optional) as part of a course assignment be sure that the technology does not change the overall outcome of the assignment. For […]

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Trello — Organize, Manage & Collaborate!

Instructional Strategy: Compare/​​Contrast, Collaboration, Demonstration, Brainstorming Bloom’s Level: 1 – 5 (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing and Evaluating) Trello is a free web-​​based tool that allows a single person or a team of collaborators to organize and manage projects/​​lesson plans, and share some or all of the work with others. Use Trello to develop the workflow for a project, […]

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Associating Rubrics


NOTE: To edit a rubric, all associations must be removed. After edits are completed, the rubric can be re-​​associated with the appropriate assessment item. Navigate to the Quiz, Discussion Topic, or Assignment Folder you wish to associate a rubric. Select the drop-​​down menu next to the Quiz, Discussion Topic, or Assignment Folder. Select Edit. Under […]

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Assignment Folders

The Assignments tool allows instructors to see student’s submission times, download assignments folders to a computer, view submissions with the document viewer, associate assignments folders to rubrics and competencies, and return submissions with grades and feedback. Instructors can view students’ submissions and submission dates in the Folder Submissions area. This eliminates the need to collect […]

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