Updates Coming to D2L May 2018: Come See Us Session Schedule

Come See Us Sessions for Spring 2018

This semester’s Come See Us Sessions during D2L Academic Office Hours are tailored to highlight the Updates Coming to D2L May 2018. On Thursday, May 10, 2018, D2L will be updated to provide a more mobile friendly experience for D2L users. Key parts of this update include a new responsive design for a consistent experience […]

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February 7th, 2018

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Course Management System (CMS) Standards

Standard 1. Accessibility & Usability Standard 2. Communication Standard 3. Intellectual Property Policy Standard 4. Electronic File Formats Standard 5. Learning Object Repository (LOR) Standard 6. Master Course(s) Standard 7. Mentor & Review Standard 8. Navigation Standard 9. Technology Standard 10. User Authentication Standard 1. Accessibility & Usability Standard 1 Description: The Americans with Disabilities […]

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Accessing Dropped Student Grades and Attendance


Select Classlist from the Communication drop-down menu. Select the Enrollment Statistics button. Scroll down the page to the Withdrawals section. Locate the student from the Withdrawals list. NOTE: View the Last Accessed Column to view the date the student last logged into the course. Select the drop-down menu next to the student name. Select to […]

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Setting Up Special Access in Quizzes

Special Access 2.png

NOTES: Setting special access date and time options for users in Special Access will not impact the date and time options set in the Restrictions Tab of the quiz. You may setup multiple Special Access criteria within a quiz to meet the individual needs of students. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes. Select the Title […]

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Inserting Files Into D2L


Navigate to the area of your course where the media file is to be inserted. On the HTML editor tool bar, select Insert Stuff.NOTE: The HTML editor tool bar appears when you create a new file in Content, create a new Announcement, start a new thread in Discussions, etc. From the Insert Stuff options, select […]

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Uploading an Existing File to My Media

Kaltura My Media D2L Add New.png

From the D2L My Home page, select My Media. Select Add New, then select Media Upload. Select +Choose a file to upload.NOTE: In order to upload a file to Kaltura, the file must be saved as a video, audio, or an image, (e.g., MP4, MP3, PNG, etc.). Navigate to the file on your computer and […]

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What is Kaltura?

  Kaltura is a video platform that allows you to create, store and stream multimedia (video, audio, screen capture, etc.). Adding media to your course can enhance the learning experience! Increase student engagement, instructor presence, and collaboration by incorporating video into your course curriculum. Kaltura is composed of two integrated parts: My Media: A video […]

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Configuring a Quiz to use LockDown Browser


Select Quizzes from the Assessments drop-down menu on the navigation bar. Select LockDown Browser from the top of the Manage Quizzes page. Select Modify Settings from the menu of the quiz that will require LockDown Browser. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.Optional: Select Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results. Enter the […]

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Downloading as an MP3


Ensure your computer has Speakers and the Volume is on. Within Content, select the HTML Page you wish to listen to. Select Play on the ReadSpeaker Listen toolbar. Select the down arrow icon to download the audio. Review the Terms of Use. Select Agree and Download File if you agree to the terms of use. […]

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Adding an iSpring to D2L


NOTE: iSpring Presenter is a PowerPoint add-on that must be installed separately. From the Manage Course menu, select Manage Files. Select New Folder. Enter a Name for the new folder, then select Save. Select the New Folder to open it. Select Upload. On the Upload pop-up menu, select Upload. Navigate to the Zipped iSpring File. […]

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