Downloading as an MP3


Ensure your computer has Speakers and the Volume is on. Within Content, select the HTML Page you wish to listen to. Select Play on the ReadSpeaker Listen toolbar. Select the down arrow icon to download the audio. Review the Terms of Use. Select Agree and Download File if you agree to the terms of use. […]

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Downloading Items

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From the Manage Course menu, select Manage Files. Navigate to the file or folder to be downloaded. Select the Checkbox next to the file or folder to be downloaded. Select the Download icon. Select the Link in the pop up window to download the file.

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Dropboxes – Downloading Submissions


From the Assessments drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Dropbox. Select the Dropbox Folder that you wish to download submissions from. From the Submissions drop-down menu, select Users with Submissions. Select the Checkbox next to the files you wish to download.Important Note: Files will automatically be renamed to include the user or group name, […]

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