Editing Self Assessments


From the Assessments menu, select Self Assessments. Select the Title of the self assessment to be edited. Make any necessary Edits Select Save and Close.

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Editing Announcements


From the Communication menu, select Announcements. Select the drop-down menu for the announcement to be edited, then select Edit. Edit the Announcement. Select the Checkbox for Major edit- send a notification and restore it for those who dismissed it. NOTE: This will alert users regarding the announcement edits, and restore the announcement for users who […]

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Editing Course Dates


From the Manage Course menu, select Course Admin. From the Site Resources section, select Manage Dates. Select the Checkbox next to the item(s) you wish to edit. Select Bulk Edit Dates. Set or Clear the Start Dates and/or End Dates (Optional) Select the Calendar checkbox to display the items in the course Calendar. Select Save.

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Bulk Editing Checklist Items


From the Course Progress menu, select Checklist. Select the Name of the checklist. Select the Checkboxes next to the items you wish to edit. Select Edit. Edit the items. Select Save.

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