Quiz Reporting


Setting Up Quiz Reports From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes. Select the Quiz Title. Select the Reports Setup Tab. Select Add Report. Enter the Report Name. From the Report Type section, select the Question Statistics, Question Details, Users Statistics, Attempt Details, and/​​or User Attempts to be included in the report. From the Release section, select […]

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Discussions Reporting


Viewing and Exporting Discussion Statistics From the Assessments or Communication menu, select Discussions. Select the Statistics tab. Select the Users tab or Forums and Topics tab to review the statistics report. To export the statistics report, select Export to CSV File. Was this Helpful ? yes   no

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Course Export


From the My Courses menu, select the Course you wish to export content from. Select the Gear Icon. Select Import/​​Export/​​Copy Components. Select the radio button to Export Components. Select Start. Select the Checkbox next to each item you wish to export, or select the Select All Components Checkbox to select all items. Select Continue. Select […]

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Copy, Import, and Export

Copy The copy components feature can be used to: Reuse components created in a previous course offering. Add components created by your peers into your own course offering. Set up standard components inside a course template and copy them into a new course offering each time a course is re-​​​offered. Import Import components created in […]

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