Creating a New Badge

From the Course Home Page, select Awards via the Awards widget or Awards Navbar link. Select Course Awards. Select Add Award To Course. Select Create Award. Enter the badge details: Enter the Name. Enter a Description. Select the Availability. Select the Expiry option. From the Choose Award Image section, select: From Existing Library to select […]

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Setting/Removing Release Conditions for Announcements


Setting Release Conditions From the Communication menu, select Announcements. Select the Announcement¬†for which you wish to set a release condition. Under the Additional Release Conditions section, select Create and Attach. Select the Condition Type from the menu. Select the Condition Details from the menu. Select Create. Select Update. Removing Release Conditions From the Communication menu, […]

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Creating Announcements


From the Communication menu, select Announcements. Select New Announcement. Enter the Headline. Enter the Content. Using the calendar and time menus, select a Start Date and Time and/or End Date and Time. NOTE: Announcements can be scheduled to post at a future date/time. Select Publish.

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With the Announcements tool, Instructors can create announcement items to communicate course updates, changes, and other important information, to students, quickly and effectively. Generally, My Home or Course Home is the first page students often see when they log in or access courses; therefore, the Announcements widget is a good area to display important information.

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Adding Widgets to Homepages


NOTE: In order to add a widget to a homepage you must first create a custom homepage. Click here for instructions on Creating Custom Homepages.   From the Manage Course menu, select Course Admin. Select Homepages. Select the Title of the custom homepage. Select Add Widgets in the section you wish to place the widget. […]

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Homepages and Widgets

There are two types of homepages in D2L: My Home: The My Home page is the first page when logging into D2L. Users can access the Minibar which contains links to email, notifications, user profile, and account settings. In addition, users can access the Nav Bar which contains links to Concourse Syllabus, Course Evaluations, LCC […]

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