Quiz Reporting


Setting Up Quiz Reports From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes. Select the Quiz Title. Select the Reports Setup Tab. Select Add Report. Enter the Report Name. From the Report Type section, select the Question Statistics, Question Details, Users Statistics, Attempt Details, and/or User Attempts to be included in the report. From the Release section, select […]

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Discussions Reporting


Viewing and Exporting Discussion Statistics From the Assessments or Communication menu, select Discussions. Select the Statistics tab. Select the Users tab or Forums and Topics tab to review the statistics report. To export the statistics report, select Export to CSV File.

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Content Reporting


Viewing Content Statistics by Content or User Select Content. Select Table of Contents. From the Related Tools menu, select View Reports. Select the report(s) you wish to view: View by Content to view the number of users who have visited the topic and the average time spent on the page. View by Users to select […]

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Reporting for Students with W or 0.0 Grade


Note for users completing the Faculty Confirmation of Academic Related Activity Form: If you are using the Event Log for last date of participation you may screen shot the Event Log and attach it to Faculty Confirmation of Academic Related Activity Form. Please watch the video below to learn more about capturing the Event Log […]

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