Uploading an Existing File to My Media

Kaltura My Media D2L Add New.png

From the D2L My Home page, select My Media. Select Add New, then select Media Upload. Select +Choose a file to upload.NOTE: In order to upload a file to Kaltura, the file must be saved as a video, audio, or an image, (e.g., MP4, MP3, PNG, etc.). Navigate to the file on your computer and […]

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Uploading Files


From the Manage Course menu, select Manage Files. Navigate to the folder where file(s) will be uploaded. From the Manage Files toolbar, select Upload. Select Upload. Navigate to the file(s) on your computer, then select the File Name(s). Select Open. Select Save. NOTE: Uploaded zip files will need to be unzipped before the individual files […]

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Dropboxes – Bulk Uploading Dropbox Feedback

To learn more about bulk uploading feedback to dropbox folders in D2L, view the following instructional video:¬†Dropbox Instructional Videos From the Assessments drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Dropbox. Download the user submissions you wish to provide feedback for.NOTE: For instructions on downloading files, please visit:¬†http://elearning.openlcc.net/dropboxes-downloading-submissions/ Unzip the .zip file containing the downloaded dropbox […]

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