Kaltura is a video platform that allows you to create, store and stream multimedia (video, audio, screen capture, etc.). Increase student engagement, instructor presence, and collaboration by incorporating video into your course curriculum.

    The Kaltura video platform is comprised of two parts:
  1. My Media in D2L: The video manager that stores and displays media recorded with Kaltura Capture, as well as media that has been uploaded by the user. Videos stored in My Media can be displayed anywhere in D2L where the Insert Stuff button is available. A one-time My Media and D2L integration is required. As per Kaltura’s Media Repurposing Policy, Kaltura videos and media stored in D2L’s My Media portal will be deleted when not viewed for 48 consecutive months.
  2. Kaltura Capture: The software used to create media, including video/audio recordings or screen captures. A one-time download and installation process is required in order to use Kaltura Capture.

Suggestions for Teaching with Kaltura Video

Video is a medium that engages students from multiple senses – sight and sound. Video aims to generate excitement about a subject or concept to help students retain more information. Incorporating video into your course(s) and course curriculum can help enhance the teaching and learning experience for both the instructor and student, increase instructor presence, and vary methods for communication and collaboration.

    Using Video as a Teaching Tool:
  • When incorporating technology into your classroom it is important to align the technology to the outcomes to be achieved in the course.
  • Once you have a clear goal or outcome, you can determine a strategy to fully support that goal.
  • Technology tools are meant to integrate with and support achievement of learning outcomes and creativity; therefore its use in a course should be thoughtful and deliberate.
  • Posting Video Communications in your D2L course(s) should be used strategically and sparingly so students do not become tempted to skip over videos that may contain important information.

Note: The Kaltura My Media gallery is a storage center for all media created in or uploaded to My Media. In order to insert media files into your D2L course, they must be stored in the Kaltura My Media gallery.