Listening to Documents with docReader

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The docReader text-​to-​speech technology extends ReadSpeaker to more documents such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

  1. Ensure your computer has Speakers and the Volume is on.
  2. Within a D2L course, select the desired document from the Content area.
  3. Open the document by selecting the document title.
  4. Open the menu options by selecting the Downward-​Facing Triangle to the right of the document title.
  5. Select the Open with docReader option from the menu.

    docreader 1.png
    NOTEYou may also scroll below the document and select the Open with docReader button.

    docreader 2.png
  6. Select the Listen Button on the docReader toolbar at the top of the document.

    docreader 3.png

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