Meeting Room Layout

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  1. Meeting Participants: Identifies the participants in the meeting room. Also provides a public chat area that is accessible to all participants.
  2. Shared Videos: Display webcams that are broadcasting in the meeting.
  3. Start/​Stop Recording: Record a meeting by selecting the record button, select it again to stop recording. The record button will turn red when recording.
  4. Settings Menu: Provides the Meeting Presenter access to meeting options that include turning on audio notifications for chat, turning on closed captions, locking participants from accessing specific items such as webcam, microphone, or public/​private chat, and logging out.
  5. Document/​Presentation Controls: Use the arrows to move to the previous or next page or presentation slide, or use the drop-​down menu to move to a specific  page or presentation slide.
  6. Actions Menu: Provides the Meeting Presenter access to meeting options including muting all, uploading a presentation, and initiating a poll.
  7. Meeting Presenter Controls: Mute/​Unmute Microphone,
    Join/​Leave Audio, Share/​Exit Webcam, Share/​Exist Desktop, Enable/​Disable drawing, Status.

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