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Updates Coming to D2L May 2018: Come See Us Session Schedule

Come See Us Sessions for Spring 2018

This semester’s Come See Us Sessions during D2L Academic Office Hours are tailored to highlight the Updates Coming to D2L May 2018.

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, D2L will be updated to provide a more mobile friendly experience for D2L users. Key parts of this update include a new responsive design for a consistent experience across all devices, graphical redesign of My Home and Course Home pages, and updates to tools and interfaces to improve mobile compatibility. While the functionality of D2L and course management processes will remain the same, Instructors will need to be aware of these updates. Come to one and/or all of the Come See Us Sessions scheduled below, during D2L Academic Office Hours, to be prepared for May 2018.

For times and locations visit the D2L Academics Office Hours schedule.

2/5 − 2/16 General Overview of the Updates Coming to D2L May 2018
2/19 − 3/2 Update #1- Responsive Design and Making D2L User Friendly for All Devices
3/12 − 3/23 Update #2 – Graphical Redesign of the My Home and Course Home Pages
that Contribute to Mobile Compatibility
3/26 — 4/6  Update #3 – D2L Term Changes and How They May Impact
Students and Instructors
4/9 − 4/20 Recap of the Updates Coming to D2L May 2018
4/23 — 5/4  Learn What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your D2L Course(s)